Aug 29, 2015

Blog Update: August

Oh my gosh! August is almost over! And while that means that school is starting soon it also means that... okay I'm not a hundred percent sure how to end that sentence on a positive note. But there's always more reading!

So, as we said in previous posts we aren't going to be posting as regularly from September on, but we hope to get at least one or two posts a week.
Also, we would like to apologize for the lack of posts this week. We've been busy with summer reading, and with our schedules it has been hard to post.
Anyways, so in September we will be posting reviews, Top Ten Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesdays, etc. as we usually do. We also will be doing discussion posts to talk about topics either about books or not.
Also, I have read 40 books so far in 2015 (8 books ahead of my Goodreads schedule!!! YAY!). And Harman has read 60 books (14 books ahead of schedule!!! Super YAY!). But, I personally have been slacking on my TBR challenge. I have only read 10 TBR books this year and I need to read 10 more to meet my goal... Oh well. My sister doesn't really want to talk about her challenges... but we just wanted to give you guys an update. You can get the details on our challenges page located on the head bar.
So, that's September so far. I just wanted to give you guys an end of the summer, beginning of the school year update. Not much has changed but I wanted to fill everyone in. Enjoy your school year!


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