Sep 1, 2015

Top Ten Characters I Just Didn't Click With

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Tris Prior

Okay, it was more in Insurgent and Allegiant, but honestly why couldn't she just listen to others!!!! Like TOBIAS! God, she was annoying.

2. Eleanor Douglas

I just didn't like her personality. Sorry. Please don't kill me.

3. Vivian

She just made all the wrong decisions. You'll get it if you read it. Also, I don't remember her last name. But, I liked the book!!!

4. Fia 

I loved the Paranormalcy series and the characters in here just didn't live up. Also, I don't remember her last name either. 

5. Bailey Wright

I liked the book, but I didn't like how this character handled her  family situations and I just remember getting really mad at her at times.

6. Talia Lyons

I don't remember too much of this book either, but I remember not liking how this character handled stress or her personal life.

7. Deznee Cross

Honestly, she was just not my type of character. I couldn't connect with her at all, and I didn't really want to. I put the book down pretty quickly.

8. Seraphina Perrish

I didn't really like this book, so I think that's why I'm not too fond of the character. Honestly, I don't remember too much, but I do know that I wasn't too fond of her actions.

9. Never Knight

She didn't fit her description at all. She sounded like a freshman in high school when really she was a freshman in college. She was so innocent when she as supposed to be hard core. I liked the sound of her, but not actually her.

10. Kate Brown
I thought the book itself was okay, but Kate only thought about herself and was really annoying. That's definitely not what you want in a contemporary novel.

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