Apr 9, 2015

So Harman, Where is this Blog Going?

...To be honest, I'm not exactly sure. I absolutely love this blog but life is just so hectic that I don't have time to give it.

I'm currently a junior in high school who is extremely stressed out about colleges and the standardized tests. Every free moment I get I just want to make myself a cup of coffee and just sit down and watch Friends. I wish I had the energy to sit down and write a blog post but I don't.

I'm also not happy with just talking about books anymore. Don't get me wrong, they are still the most wonderful thing on the whole entire planet but I just don't have the time to read as much either. Now I spend most my time watching YouTube videos or watching different TV shows and I want to incorporate that into this blog. 

I started this blog to share what I love--reading, and the things that I am obsessed with have grown to more than just books and I want to share that with all of you. In one of my blog posts I mentioned a TV show that I watched and one of you started talking to me about it and I realized how much I wanted to share that with all of you.

I will definitely be posting about books and reading but I'm just going to stop reviewing EVERY book I read. I find it to be way to stressful. I will be reviewing the books I get for reviews, blog tours, and the ones I just found that I loved. 

I did a post at the end of January (Harleen just posted one) of the books that I read and I will let you all vote on the one book you want me to review that I didn't.

What do you all think? Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Apr 8, 2015

Cover Reveal: Defining Love by Elizabeth Reyes

This is a serial romance told in 3 parts. Each volume will be released a week after the previous. Wondering why? Read the exclusive interview with answer HERE.

Defining Love (Volume I)
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Release Date: TBD

"Being friends before becoming lovers makes for stronger relationships.
Aaron and Henrietta can certainly attest to this. It takes time to develop the kind of deep relationship each is in. Both are committed and fiercely loyal to a lover they each consider their best friend.
Then one night Aaron and Henri meet.
After a single conversation, neither can explain the profound connection they’re feeling. Is it intrigue? Lust? How can one chance meeting—one conversation–possibly have them questioning everything they ever believed about love?"

Defining Love (Volume II)
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Release Date: TBD

"Denial is a dangerous part of desire.
Aaron offers Henrietta a position at his business and she takes it—despite the intense connection they felt the day they met.
While neither can deny they're feeling something, both are in committed relationships with someone they love profoundly. Neither would ever dream of acting on something that's clearly just a physical attraction.
But sometimes your mind takes longer to accept what your heart already knows . . ."

Defining Love (Volume III)
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Release Date: TBD

"Their hearts have belonged to their significant others for years . . . and then they met each other.
Doing the right thing means cheating is not an option. So it's time to decide.Should Aaron and Henri stay with the ones they love or take a chance on something so extraordinary it's impossible to even explain—understand. Making such a life-altering decision is truly scary.But even more scary than that?Regret.
Defining Love. Which is the forever kind?"

USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer to her calling on a daily basis. Since releasing her debut novel Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers #1) in 2010 she has now published 9 full length novels total and fast at work on the next. The excitement her Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, and Fate series have garnered has far exceeded her wildest dreams. It is with as much excitement that she'll continue to put out books related to these series as well as introduce brand new ones very soon.
In 2014 she will take her next step in the exciting world of writing and publish her first traditionally published book with Simon & Schuster/Atria. But she will continue putting out self-published books as well.

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Apr 5, 2015

April TBR

Hey guys! So, I know we haven't been posting a lot, but it's April Break now so hopefully there'll be a lot of posts. I'll try and schedule a lot for April at least.
So, to start off April I thought I would do a to be read this month.

Harleen's TBR List:
18602341   21864196   9565548
9969571   17407748
Harman's TBR List:
22895323   7240582   9969571
What are you planning on reading in April?