Jul 16, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 9

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine
Day 9 of Good Books and Good Wine's 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge.

Q: Why do you blog about books?

I blog about books because, frankly, I love them A LOT! Reading is what I do in my free time, what I love to do when I'm feeling upset, happy, funny. In school everyone knows me as the girl who likes to read, and I love that. Everyone reads books, even if it is just for school and so because of that I get to interact with new people and make a lot of friends. 

I love talking to people about books. The best way to talk to a lot of different people about books is through blogging about them! I know the book blogging community is very big and I absolutely love it. I initially thought about putting up videos on Youtube but I suck with a camera but the next big thing was BLOG! I want to be able to put Book Hauls, Bookshelf tours, etc. on Youtube and then put the videos on the blog too, but I have to see if my camera will allow it.  Would you guys be interested?

Why do you like to blog/talk about books?

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