Jul 17, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 10

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Day 10 of Good Books and Good Wine's 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge.

Q: How do you choose what book to read next?

I mostly just go with my mood. I go to the library at least once a week and then I am constantly downloading books onto my kindle so I read books according to want I want to read. 

I honestly don't know how these people can make a monthly TBR list and then follow through on it. I have quite often thought about making one for you guys, but then I remember that I would never follow through on it. Sorry :(

It differs if there is a blog tour or if I get review requests. Then I usually have to force myself to read the book and usually I get into it pretty fast-well if it's good.

Sometimes I pick up the book as soon as I get it. We all know that is what is going to happen when I finally get The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I might be gone for a day or two depending on how long it takes me to read it. I NEED THAT BOOK!!!

How do you pick which book to read next?

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