Mar 22, 2016

Review: An Act of Salvation by KC Lynn

An Act of Salvation (Acts Of Honor, #2)Author: KC Lynn
Publisher: Self-Published
Number of Pages: N/A

"Sometimes two broken pieces make a whole.He’s the one she’s always loved.She’s the one he could never have.A forbidden night of passion resulted in years of heartbreak when he walked away. Now she’s in danger and needs his help. Trust doesn’t come easy for FBI Agent Nick Stone, especially when it comes to love, but he’ll risk it all for Katelyn Slade. Including his heart. Bullets fly, betrayals are exposed, and the flames from their past ignite.His protection might be what saves her but in the end she will be his salvation."
Well damn, Nick Stone definitely rivals Cade Walker on the holy hotness level. KC Lynn is always pushing herself to write an even better story for her next characters and every time I'm surprised that she does. Not that I don't think she is capable but because her stories are already so amazing!

Nick and Katelyn already have history in the past so you really didn't get to see the relationship from the beginning but the story is still brilliant. The flashbacks definitely are hard to read as some of them are real tearjerkers. 

I have to say that I didn't like Nick and Katelyn more than Ryder and Emily but Nick and Katelyn's love is a lot more intense. Katelyn is a lot more fiery compared to Emily and with Nick...holy shit.

This book definitely went farther than any of KC's other books in terms of intimacy, but I bet it will be nothing compared to Kolan's book!
Rating: 4 out 5 stars!

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