Dec 16, 2012

Review: Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver

Sacrifice (Legacy, #3)Author: Cayla Kluver
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Number of Pages: 438

"This is not the time for the fight to end. Now is when the fight will begin. This is the time to regain what has been lost.Alera Queen of a fallen kingdom, secretly in love with the enemy.
Daughter of a murdered father, rebel with a cause.
One lives behind the former Hytanican palace walls and walks the razor's edge to keep the fragile peace in her beloved homeland. The other slips through the war-torn streets, seeking retribution for her family's tragedy, following whispers of insurgency.
Both face choices that will separate them from those they cannot help but love. As their stories intertwine, a conspiracy ignites that may end in slavery or death—or lead to freedom anew, if only each can face what must be sacrificed."
Oh my god. Was that an ending. I really enjoyed the first two books of this series, but the end of the second left me somewhat heartbroken and scrambling to read the third one. Now that I've gotten and read this book I feel as if I enjoyed it, but others would have been more disappointed by this book. I finished this book a while ago, but I needed to get off the high I was on once I read this book. 

Now you all probably asking why I thought other might not enjoy this book as much as the first two. Well my answer is because of the amount of action and war that this book includes. This series was based on the forbidden love between two people from warring kingdoms, but now in this book one of the kingdoms rules the other and rebellion and war consumes everyone. This makes the romance between the two characters harder. We relieve much more war scenes in this book than romance, and many may not like that. I happened to be fine with that and I loved this book. Mockingjay may have had the same response. Many people didn't like Mockingjay because it had much more politics and rebellion than romance in the book, and that put people off and like Catching Fire better. I happened to like Mockingjay better.

Another reason people may have not like this book as much is because of we get the perspective of new character. In the previous two books we only get the point of view of Alera, the main character. Now we are getting the point of view of a girl named Shashelle who is willing to do anything to help her kingdom regain their freedom. I was not as willing to read Shashelle's POV(point of view). I was so used to Alera's POV that Shashelle's thoughts were foreign and not something I liked. Eventually I got used to it and it became something to look forward too.

I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 because of the ending. I felt that the ending of the book was weak in Shashelle's POV. I felt that it ended abruptly and left us at some sort of a cliff hanger to what happens in the future, which definitely not work considering that this is the last book in the series. Alera's POV was much more satisfying to read. It gave us a sense of what happens in the future and that she lives happily.

This book is a must read for people who love to read historical romance. I love Narian and Steldor, but I have to choose Narian as you people can see my Team Narian banner on the left side of the page. Go read this book people, and if you want me to write a review on the first two books just say and I will!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!!

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