Jan 1, 2013

Most Anticipated Books of 2013--Part I

Hey Guys! Hope you guys had a great Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah! Now it's time for the New Year to bring us joy! ...Well that didn't make me sound like some old guy wanting to rebel for something random. Either way...now that 2013 is really close here is my list for the most anticipating releases of 2013!!!!!!!


 Now the first book to be released in 2013 is The Essence by Kimberly Derting. It is supposed to be released January 1.  I don't if that is just the US date or if Goodreads is wrong about that, but it has already been released in Canada. This is the sequel to The Pledge, which was an amazing book. I hope that I can buy The Pledge and I can reread it so I can write a review on it for you guys. The cover is gorgeous and here is a link to the synopsis and the cover:


Boundless by Cynthia Hand is another book I am really excited for in January. It is going to be released on January 22. This is the third book to the Unearthly series. I am madly in love with this series, and hope to have a review for the first two books up soon. If you check out the left side of the page and scroll down to the "I'm Team..." section you will see a banner that is a Team Tucker banner. I freaking love Tucker he is just so....amazing. I'm not that big of a fan of Christian. He's hot and all but I love cowboys and Tucker is a total cowboys. YAY! Here's a link to the synopsis:


There is one more books being released on January 22.  The next one is Everbound by Brodi Ashton. This is the sequel to Everneath. I read most of this book in about one sitting. I am really excited to read this because Everneath left us off on a really big cliffhanger. Here's a link to the synopsis and the beautiful cover:



Those are all the January releases. Now are the February releases. There are 3 different book releases on February 12. The first is The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead.  This is the third book in the Bloodlines series. This series is a follow-up to the Vampire Academy series.  I have a Team Adrian banner as well. I love the cover for this one.  If you haven't read it yet then I am telling you to go to the nearest Barnes and Noble or public library and pick up the series. You will not regret it.  The cover is gorgeous as well. Here's the synopsis:


The next book being released is Pivot Point by Kasie West. This is the first book in the Pivot Point series. I am really excited for this book. This book is being release February 12. Can't wait! Here's the synopsis:


Arcadia Burns by Kai Meyer is also being released February 12. This is the sequel to Arcadia Awakens. The book wasn't that good, but I do want to read the sequel. Here's they synopsis:


Next book being released is the Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter. It is being released February 26. This is the third book in the Goddess Test series. This series is about Greek mythology  I love this series. Here's the synopsis:


Pulse by Patrick Carman is also being released February 26. You might be saying "Hey! You are reading this right now!" I won an advanced reader's copy of this book. There will be a review up soon. Here's the synopsis:


Star Crossed by Jennifer Echols is the last book on my list coming out February 26. I love Jennifer Echols, she is such an amazing author and I love reading her books! This is supposed to be the first in two books. The series name is Stargazer. The cover is pretty too! Here's the cover and synopsis:



The first coming out in March is Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger. It comes out March 5. This is the first in a series. The cover is absolutely beautiful. Check out the synopsis and cover:


Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington is the third book in the Violet Eden Chapters series. I love this series. Lincoln is so freaking cute! This comes out March 19, and I am really excited for this! I <3 Lincoln. lol Here's the synopsis and cover:


The next book I am really excited for. I absolutely love Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices series. Clockwork Princess is the third book in the Infernal Devices series and I believe it is the last. It comes out March 19. I am Team Will if your wondering. The cover is to die for. Here's the synopsis and cover:



The first book coming out in April is This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith. It comes out April 2. I love the cover for this book even though the title is a mouth full. This book is a stand alone. Here is the cover and synopsis:


Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire comes out April 16. I can't wait for this book to come out! This is Beautiful Disaster is Travis's POV. I LOVE Travis Maddox. I don't even care that I know what is going to happen in the book. Here is the cover and synopsis:


Now if you guys know me then you know that I love The Selection by Kiera Cass. I love Kiera Cass! She is so funny you guys should check out her YouTube videos  The Elite, the sequel to The Selection, is coming out April 23. I am Team Maxon! Here's is the synopsis and cover (which is beautiful):


Unbreakable by Elizabeth Norris is also coming out April 23. It is the sequel to Unraveling which I loved. This one should be even more epic! The cover hasn't changed much but I do like whatever they did change. Here's the cover and synopsis:


Now this next book is the sequel to Immortal City by Scott Speer. It isn't very well known which makes me really sad, and really cool part is, is that it is written by a guy. I don't see many books written by guys these days. The sequel is Naturally Born Angel and the cover is so pretty! I have been waiting for this book for like forever, and I just saw when it came out and I am jumping up and down in my seat. It comes out April 23. Here's the cover and synopsis:


I am so Team Derek. With this series it is either Lucas or Derek. The series is the Shadow Fall series and the fifth book is coming out April 30. It is called Chosen by Nightfall by C.C. Hunter. I love this series. When I finished reading the fourth book I was like this(this will be my only picture):

Can't wait for this to come out! Here's the synopsis and cover:


Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins and I have a love-hate relationship. This book was decent. The sequel is coming out now and it is called Sweet Peril. The second book in the Sweet Trilogy. It comes out April 30. Here's the cover and synopsis:


The Program looks really interesting and at the same time not. It is written by Suzanne Young and is set to be released on April 30. The cover's really cool. I really like that they fall in love and they are sort of the only normal left on Earth, but I hate the part about the thing taking over Earth is depression. Here's the cover and synopsis:


This part one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2013. I will have months May-December up soon this week in Part 2.


  1. I'm superrr excited for Boundless, Clockwork Princess and Walking Disaster! Can't wait for them all to come out! When they do, I'd love to see your review.

    I'm a new follower :)

    1. Super excited for Walking Disaster! I love Travis<3 Love your blog. The makeup is a cute idea, too bad I know nothing about makeup. Growing up in a neighborhood of all guys definitely not allow that.