Jan 17, 2013

Liebster Blog Awards!

Wow! As a fairly new blogger I never thought that I would actually be getting this. I've only been blogging for about 2 months now. I want to thank Bookaholic Corner, Sincerely, Steph, and Luoqi for nominating me for this amazing award. I really, really love blogging and being able to share my thoughts on books with all of you guys, who follow my blog.

Okay, so a week or two ago I saw one of the bloggers I follow get this award. I was surprised that I had never heard of this so I looked it up. This is what I found on Google Images. It's the origin of the Liebster Award!

Yeah, sorry I had to make that so big but I wanted to make sure you guys could read it. So the rules are as follow:

1. Thank your Liebster Award presenter and link back to them in your own post
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by your presenter, state 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees 3. Present the Liebster Award to 11 bloggers who you think deserve the award with under 200 followers and leave a comment on their blog telling them that you nominated them. 4. Copy and Paste the award on your blog

So here are the questions:
  1. What was the book that got you to fall in love with reading?
 I had always had that small love of reading but I used to live in NYC and there you don't read. You just play outside all day and study for school. When I moved to where I live now, I read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and fell in love with the book. (I can hear you all groaning.) I started reading a ton of books trying to find one that I loved just as much as Twilight. Eventually, I became obsessed with reading and I just read all the time now, to my mother's disappointment.

  1. What's a book you decided to read by judging it's cover?
I think most of my reading decisions are made on what the book cover looks like. Yes, I do judge a book by its cover, but I don't do that with people. When I get recommended books on Goodreads I get book recommendations by the lot, so I usually press "Not Interested" on the ones with ugly covers.
  1. What 's a book that you read, but did not like?
Oh god, that's hard. If I don't like the book then I usually put it down without reading the whole thing. I guess the last one that I read all the way through and really hated was Rapture by Lauren Kate. It was actually kind of sad, it's the last book in the Fallen series. I loved the rest of the series but just hated this last book.
  1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Wierd, scratch-your-nails-against-the-blackboard kind of noises. They piss me off. I will literally attack a person if they do that. I also hate any type of disturbances if I'm watching How I Met Your Mother or reading.
  1. Have any funny jokes you wanna share?
Nope. I can't tell jokes but I can tell funny stories. I'm never going to be a comedian. If I do then I will get tomatoes thrown at me.
  1. What other hobbies do you have, other than reading?
Watching How I Met Your Mother (TV Show) is a biggie. I will watch that for hours if I could. Otherwise I love to watch any Batman, or Marvel Avengers movie. LOVE superheroes. I <3 Iron Man! I also love writing.
  1. What book are you currently reading?
I am currently reading Deadly Little Lessons by Laurie Faria Stolarz. It is the fifth book in the Touch series. I am loving it so far.
  1. What is your favorite book?
I don't really have a favorite book as much as a favorite series. I love The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Jace is mine ladies! If I had to choose a favorite book out of the whole series so far I would say, City of Fallen Angels.
  1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
France. I am a hopeless romantic and I love Amy Plum's Revenant series. France is such a beautiful country!
  1. What have you always wanted to do in your life, but haven't done yet?
Finish writing a book and publish it. I am in the middle of writing one and I really hope I can get it published by a real publishing company.
  1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

I love to read, and I love talking about books. What better way to do that than make a blog?

So now I have to state 11 random facts about myself. This should be interesting.
11 Random Facts:

1. I really want to learn how to street dance. Ever since I watched Step Up I have been obsessed. 
2. I am a total tomboy except for the fact that I read romances. I suspect its from my mother dressing me as a guy when I was a little kid. 
3. My favorite car is an Audi R8.
4. I love to sing, and I'm actually pretty good according to my Chorus teacher.
5.  I plan to be buried with my favorite books. They will be in my coffin with me. I know that sounds uncomfortable, but who cares? I'm dead.
6. I want to be a published author, but at the same time I want to be an engineer. The writing will be a come home from work activity.
7. I hate makeup, it makes me crazy, except for nail polish. Love that stuff.
8. I chew my nails, it's gross and I've tried to stop but I always relapse. Nail polish keeps me from chewing.
9. I want to go sky diving above some really super cool looking place. I still have yet to find that place.
10. I want to meet Cassandra Clare and Stephanie Meyer before I die. I will die the minute I hold their hands to ensure I die happy.
11. It took me wayyy to long to write 10 random facts about myself.

 My Nominees:

Sorry guys. I only know about 6 blogs that I read and I really didn't want to go around nominating random blogs. :(

Questions for my Nominees:

1. Who is your book boyfriend? Or if your a guy who is your book girlfriend or your favorite book character?
2.  Do you want to be a writer?
3. What is your favorite book of all time that you want buried in your grave with you?
4. If you could meet any author, alive or dead, who would it be?
5. Do you read Shakespeare? If yes, what's your favorite book?
6. At what age did you find your passion for reading?
7. Do you read the book first before the movie comes out?
8. Where's your favorite place to read?
9. Favorite TV show?
10. What's one book that made you cry?
11. What fictional world would you live in?

Thanks so much, and nominees please leave a link to your answers! Thanks!

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  1. Hi, Bookworm. Thanks for nominating me. I really appreciate it. But I've been nominated already and I've done my post on the award! http://theartistcreativeforum.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-blog-award.html

    Thanks again for nominating me!! :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for nominating us. You certainly made our day. You have a very cute blog :D

    Warm Regards,