Jan 22, 2013

Favorite Youtubers!

Hey guys! So awhile back I told you guys that I was going to make a video about my favorite book-tubers on Youtube and so I decided to do that today. So when I went to Youtube and checked out all my subscriptions I realized that I didn't have a lot of book-tubers on my list. In fact there are only 4 on that list. Yeah....I don't watch a lot of book-tubers. So I decided to do all of my favorite you-tubers in general.  That raises the list to 9 people, but I'm not going to tell you one of them because it's a cultural thing and honestly the guy might as well delete his channel because he never makes any videos anymore so....I'm gunna stop talking about him because this is usually what happens....
Somehow Neil Patrick Harris was able to take his awesomeness and send it to the light, making the light a little bit brighter.(I <3 HIMYM& Barney Stinson)

Moving on, let's start with the book-tubers. This book-tuber is possibly my favorite. She is amazing, and he bookshelf is to die for. She is Heather, otherwise known as Bookables. This is her most recent video. It is a review on My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.

My next favorite book-tuber is Raeleen or Padfootandprongs07. I freaking love this girl. She is so amazing. Her enthusiasm is just like mine. I swear I'm not even lying. I was introduced to her by one of my friends. My friend told me that I acted just like her so I checked her channel out. I love her taste in book, and oh my god, I am jealous of her friends. They are amazing people. I wish I had friends like her who hacked my blog and sent me books, but whatever. Not important, as long as my friends love me. Here is her review of Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. I love this book!
Next book-tuber is the Readables! I don't know what it is about her but I love watching her videos! Her videos are so high tech too! It's just amazing what she can do with video editing. So here is her video of Top 12 Books of 2012.
Last book-tuber is InkandPaperTwin. Personally I don't find her that great anymore. I haven't seen many videos by her and if there are videos they are usually just rants about stuff. I still love watching them though, but I am starting to miss her book enthusiasm. This is a month old video but I wanted to give you a video that is book related. Here is her review on Divergent.
Guys, I love all of them and so go subscribe to their videos they are all awesome.

Okay, so 2 of my non-book related subscriptions are music subscriptions. It's Taylor Swift and Billboard Goddess. Taylor Swift I never actually watch but am too lazy to unsubscribe to and Billboard Goddess just gives me a chance to see what music is on the charts.

Okay my first favorite non book-tuber is Joseph Birdsong. This guy is pretty funny. I would not recommend you watch this guy if you do not like swearing. This guy swears A LOT! Not even kidding. He also drinks in all his videos. So unless you are at least over 14 please do not watch his videos. Also, FYI he's obsessed with cardigans and he's gay and likes to make a lot of dad jokes so...I know I watch some weird people on Youtube. Anyway, here is the video that got me obsessed with this madness.
Next guy is actually pretty normal so all of you guys can go ahead and take a look at this video. He calls himself Nigahiga and he's pretty entertaining as well so take a look. Let's all save the twinkies! TEHE
Hope you guys subscribe to some of these people! Though maybe subscribing to Joseph Birdsong wouldn't be such a good idea. Tell me who you subscribe to!

Oh, and I wanted to add this picture just because I love How I Met Your Mother.

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  1. thereadables and padfootandprongs07 are awesome!