Jan 25, 2013

Got some News

Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you guys know some stuff.

I just finished all my mid-terms yesterday so I will get to that review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer and Wither by Lauren Destafano soon.

I also might have a giveaway coming up soon! I'm really excited for my first giveaway, so tell your friends to follow so they know when the magic happens.
Yeah! You go Leo!

After those two I have some other not as exciting news, but I guess it is somewhat exciting. So I got a facebook page! Yeah compared to the giveaway your reaction is probably this:
  I think I have an addiction to .gifs.....

Either way, I will update it every time I post a new post or review. I will post giveaway news, random pictures I find. You can click the book with the facebook icon on it on the right side of the page under "Stalk Me" or you can click this link: https://www.facebook.com/LittleBookwormReviews

Please go "like"! Next to the facebook icon I have a Goodreads icon. You can friend me on Goodreads as well! I am debating whether to make a Twitter account or not. Tell me what you guys think. I'm not really on board with Twitter but if you guys use Twitter and would follow me then I will make one. Tell me what you think.

Guys go "Like" me on Facebook and tell me what you guys are reading! Tell your friends too!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! 
Happy Reading :3

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