Aug 7, 2017

A Perfect Author Panel

Hey guys! So here's something different for today. I am going to be describing my dream panel of authors if I was able to select anyone and had a guarantee of their appearance.

My main purpose was to have authors who write various genres in order to learn how the writing process is different for each genre. Also, for each different genre there are different target age groups and if that effects the research portion of the writing process. This would also allow a lot of people to have interest in the panel because they would at least have one author they may have read or have an interest in.

So, here are the authors I would invite to my dream panel.

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Books: Pushing the Limits, Nowhere But Here 

I think McGarry is a fantastic author who is really good at writing strong characters with dark pasts. She is able to create amazing character arcs within original settings, such as in the Thunder Road series. I think she would really appeal to teens interested in a career in writing, and could appeal to the older audience about research.

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Books: Ready Player One, Armada

Not only could Cline get some amazing promo in for the upcoming movie adaptation of Ready Player One, which I am VERY excited for, but he could also talk about what its like to have his book turned into a movie. That then brings up the topic of book to movie adaptations for all the authors to talk about: how they feel about them, whether they would want their own books to have movies, and to they watch all the movie adaptations.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy, Middle Grade
Books: Paranormalcy, And I Darken, Beanstalker

Not only is White a fantastic author, but she writes a variety of genres so she would be able to have a direct comparison of the experiences. From the fairy tales to the Ottoman Empire the level of research must have varied but how did the creative experience change within that?

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Historical Fiction
Books: The Handmaid's Tale, Alias Grace, The Blind Assassin

Atwood's science fiction focuses more on social developments where Cline's focus on the science aspects and are geared toward a younger audience. Atwood has been writing for decades now so it would also be interesting to see how her experiences have changed. She would also have a nice contribution to the book to movie adaptations since her book, The Handmaid's Tale, was adapted into an Emmy nominated TV series.

Genre: Biography, Historical Nonfiction
Books: Cleopatra: A Life, The Witches: Salem, 1692

Nonfiction is obviously mostly research so it would be interesting to ask how that affects the creative process of writing a book. Her work is typically read by adults, so how often does she a younger readers picking up her book, and what are their reactions to the read? Also, if she would ever want her book adapted into movies or documentaries. 

This idea came from learning about Eventbrite's tools that allow anyone, anywhere to plan their own events. You can check out their conference planning software here if you'd like to turn your dream panel into a reality. Also, check them out on social media!


Which authors would you invite to your dream panel?

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