Jul 4, 2016

ARC Review: You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross and Mark Perini

Author: Julie Cross and Mark Perini
Publisher: Sourcebook Fire
Number of Pages: 400
Release Date: August 2nd

"Model Finley needs someone to help her shed her "good girl" persona, so she'll try Eddie on for size.
New York City model Finley is fed up with hearing the same feedback at castings: she needs to take some serious action to wipe the "good girl" stamp from her resume if she wants to launch to stardom.
Enter Eddie Wells. He's shallow, predictable…and just as lost as Finley feels. Deep down, Finley is drawn to Eddie's bravado, his intensity. Except Eddie is hiding something. A big something. And when it surfaces, both loving and leaving Finley will become so much harder."
I was really excited to read this book when I got it because I was in the mood for a contemporary and synopsis sounded really interesting. Although I was a little scared because I had read another book by Julie Cross, and I didn't end up enjoying it. But, I did try to go into this book with no expectations or false perceptions.

When I began the book I was really interested in the plot and the characters. Finley is a really sweet girl who has a lot of talent, and Eddie is equally as sweet but he's a little lost in life. So, you begin the book really feeling for the characters and truthfully I really did ship them. But, I kind of lost that half way through the book. Once Eddie's big secret came out I got really annoyed with the book. First, it was really predictable and I thought the issue was easily fixable if Eddie stopped being annoying. But, that's just me.

Otherwise, I though that the plot was dealt with really well. I overall did enjoy the book, but the problem seemed really avoidable especially with all the influences around Eddie. I  got annoyed with the second half of the book, but I was satisfied with the ending. 

Overall, I would suggest the book because not only is it really well written, but it's very original. I've never read a book about models mostly because a lot of them end up being New Adult, but I promise this is definitely a Young Adult novel. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

*I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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