Jan 12, 2014

Review: Breaking Brandon by Elizabeth Reyes

Breaking Brandon (Fate, #2)Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Publisher: Self-Published
Number of Pages: 286

"He ruled out attachments years ago. Then one day he crosses paths with a beautiful but pampered daddy's little princess. History has taught him one thing about women like her--steer clear.
She was starting over. She moved back to her home town, took a new job assignment, and left her past behind. For the first time in over eighteen months, she's even intrigued by a man--a sexy but cold and indifferent drill sergeant. Despite feeling drawn to him, she has no time to figure out his inexplicable aversion to her.
Then Fate steps in one night, forcing them together. There's a connection neither can refute, and they both consider giving into the undeniable attraction.
Fate however can also be cruel. Just when they surrender to their heart's desires, past demons resurface in the most unexpected way, threatening the happiness neither realized they so desperately needed."

Breaking Brandon is sexy, daring, and is definitely one of Elizabeth Reyes's best book yet.

I read this book the day of release and once I finished it I had to take a couple of days to take it all again, and then of course I had to read it all over again before writing a review on it. This has happened a couple times and I finally think I have the capability of writing all my feels down on paper...er, on the internet.

I really want to talk about the character's in this book, because I feel that their one of Elizabeth Reyes's best written characters and I just loved them so much.

Brandon's had some bad luck in his life. His Dad wasn't really the Dad a kid wishes for, his Mom wasn't much help and the one girl he ever liked was pretty much off limits. He's had a tough life but he's still such an amazing character. He's strong, passionate, and he when he cares for someone it's genuine. Also, he's a sergeant. If that isn't hot then I don't know what is, military men and bad boys have to be the two type of guys that I just will give anything to read about. They are just so hot!! Brandon is no exception.

Regina has had some very tough times in her life too and she's still trying to get past those moments. I really loved how independent this women is in her life, though she does have her weak moments. She really cares about people and loves the people around her.

Brandon and Regina's chemistry is really hot and sizzling. The feelings that it evokes in both of them is something really new for them and at first they aren't sure how to handle it but they both work through that. In this book I really thought that the way their relationship is portrayed is one of the most life like type of relationships. It has those up and down moments and those moments when your just sure that there is no way that this relationship could work out.

In my opinion this has to be the best Elizabeth Reyes written yet. It has so much passion, romance and just tells a beautiful story about two characters trying to get over their pasts and just trying to moving forward.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!


  1. Based on your review it sounds like this book is literally on fire! Sounds awesome. @Fiction in Reality

    1. It really is! I highly recommend it if you are interested.