Jan 7, 2014

Bout of Books Update: Day 1

Bout of Books
So it's Bout of Books Update #1! And wow it was a pretty good day. I had school Monday morning so I didn't get to read until around 6 and I didn't go to sleep until 11:30. Yes the book that I was reading was AH-MAZING! I read Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott.

MondayNumber of pages I’ve read today: 320
Total number of books I’ve read: 1
Books I read from: Fire & Flood
#todayinsixwords: Even better than the Hunger Games!

Fire & Flood (Fire & Flood, #1)

Yeah, I said it. This was an ARC from Scholastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely pick this book up when it comes out on February 25, 2014!

Now I'm reading Awaken by Nina Lane because yesterday in the middle of math class I realized that it came out today and so I definitely had to read it. I'm about 50% through that and really enjoying it. I'm almost 99% sure I'm going to finish it today.

Awaken (Spiral of Bliss, #3)

It will also be the first book that will be on my 2014 TBR Reading Challenge and get me one book closer to reaching my goal of getting my TBR pile under 90 books. 

You should all expect a review of Fire & Flood next week and let me know if you want a  review of Awaken, because it is an Adult book and I try not to post many Adult reviews since this is a YA book blog.

Let me know how you all are doing in this read-a-thon down below in the comments!

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