May 12, 2013

Teen Book Festival 2013!

Hi guys! I'm here to tell you about this amazing festival in Rochester, NY-Teen Book Festival!

Teen Book Festival is a annual festival where a bunch of authors come to Nazareth College in Rochester, NY and have author panels and writing workshop.

Now I can't say that this is a great thing or anything because this will be my first time going. Not many authors come to Buffalo or anything near it so this is a great opportunity for me to meet authors.

Here's a list of the authors going:
(Click on their names to see their Goodread's pages!)

Gennifer Albin                    
Tom Angleberger                   
Charles Benoit
Coe Booth                            
Alexandra Bracken                 
Kate Brian
Jessica Brody                     
Susane Colasanti                   
Andrea Cremer
Matt de la Pena                  
Lauren DeStefano                 
Kevin Emerson
Andrew Fukuda                 
Margaret Peterson Haddix 
Faith Erin Hicks
Ellen Hopkins                     
Amy Ignotow                           
Stacey Kade
Dan Krokos                        
Robin LaFevers                       
David Levithan
Lisa McMann                     
Marissa Meyer                         
Megan Miranda
Michael Morpurgo             
Mary E. Pearson                     
Prudence Shen
Mark Shulman                   
Jennifer E. Smith                     
Margaret Stohl  *UPDATE Margaret Stohl is unable to attend this year! :(
Laurie Faria Stolarz          
Stephanie Kate Strohm           
Terry Trueman
Sara Zarr

I am really excited for this. I really hoping I will be able to get a signed copy of a book for you guys!  This festival is on Saturday, May 18. 

Here's the website of the festival:
Here's the blog of the festival where you can find interviews and reviews:

I'm hoping to have a recap with pictures on the sunday afterwards or sometime that week. You will also be able to find it on that week because I'm on the Teenboard there

Are any of you going? If so comment below and maybe we will see each other there!

Keep Reading,
Little Bookworm :)

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