May 10, 2013


Forever (Fateful, #3)Author: Cheri Schmidt
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is the third and final book in the Fateful series by Cheri Schmidt. The first two books got 5 stars, so this series is a must read! Of course, only if you're into reading about vampires. This book is full of them. :)

Here's the synopsis:
"Danielle and Ethan may have solved their problem with vampires, but other magical beings have taken interest in the ones who discovered the cure.
On the run trying to escape a gaggle of evil pixies, a clan of creepy werewolves, a coven or two of wicked witches, and a school of lovely but malicious mermaids, they fight to have a normal life. But that isn't so easy when the only aid they have is from slightly dishonest fairies and flirtatious vampire bodyguards.
This is Danielle and Ethan's happily forever after...."

Okay, let me just say something. I freaking LOVED the first two books in this series. They were beautifully written, had amazing characters, and had the best plots that any reader would desire. This last book had all of the same traits except maybe the last one. NO- I'm not saying that the plot was horrible and this book is not worth reading. This book was still freaking amazing, but I found while reading the book that I found the plot a little lacking compared to the first two.

Okay so let's go a bit deeper into the plot without any spoilers. For any other book the plot would have been great especially if the book was a stand alone, but for this one I expected a little bit more. I felt as if there wasn't one exact problem going on in the plot. There was the one big one and then a bunch of little one entwined in that. For some reason I didn't like that in this book. It just confused me a little. Otherwise the plot was great. 

Okay! All negative stuff is out the window because there is nothing else I didn't like about this book. Can I just fangirl over the ending just for a minute? 

When I read the ending I was literally smiling and hiding into my pillow. That ending was so cute!! Ethan you are honestly the best guy I have ever met. You are too kind!!! 

Also, this book made me laugh. I swear Max should be my knight in shining armor. If anyone knows where I can get someone as amazing as Max tell me NOW! 

I liked how we got meet more of the different creatures that were described in the first two books. I like to get views on how different people describe different mythical creatures. Everyone has a different picture in their mind and I got to see Cheri Schmidt's image of mythical creatures. I have to say as much as I despised their wardrobe choices (I'm not one that cares about clothes but seriously all black? It's my favorite color but it gets hot.),witches are bad-ass people. I happen to like them, they just need a new wardrobe...Wolves, I think this has to be the first time I don't want to marry one of them. 

Guys, this series is amazing. Beyond amazing! 
This is a must read! Now I'm really sad that this series is ending and I really need my dose of Ethan and Max-especially Max, but all series must end so new ones can crawl into our hearts. This series is being replaced by *drumroll please* MAX'S STORY!!!

Cheri is writing The Order of Curse-Bound Knights! I can not freaking wait. Here's Cheri note to her readers:

"Note from the author: This is NOT the last time you will see Danielle and Ethan though!!! Max and Nadia’s story overlaps theirs! To keep print costs down for those of you who prefer that, I have to break the story up into standard-sized novels. So if you want to see more of what happens to this couple as their “happily forever after” continues, stay tuned for The Order of Curse-Bound Knights which I am working on right now."
I'm going to go patiently (not) wait for it! Go read this book/series guys! Purchase links below just to make you guys read this! 

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*A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review.


  1. Hi there, you asked me about The Order of Curse-Bound Knights via Goodreads... I'm happy to tell you that it was published April 29th. :)

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll be checking it out ASAP!!