Jul 24, 2017

Review: Only His by Natasha Madison & Aurora Rose Reynolds

Author: Natasha Madison & Aurora Rose Reynolds
Publisher: Self-Published
Number of Pages: 77
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"I had no idea he was a sought after movie star and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. I thought he was only mine, until one picture turned my life upside down. 
She can fight it all she wants, but I knew the moment we met that she'd be mine, and I'm never giving her up. 
I tried to deny it, but in the end I know I'm Only His."

I was extremely disappointed with this novella...because of how short it was! I wanted this book to be a full-length novel. This novella is such a cute, quick read and I really wanted more.

The plot was amazing and kept me gripped the entire time. I ended up reading this book in just one night--right after I had downloaded it onto my Kindle. It was virtually impossible to put, except when I had to take a deep breath due to the intensity of the plot line. 

Emma and Liam might have some years between them when it comes to age but when it comes to love, they are as close as can be. Their relationship is absolutely thrilling, seeing how caring Liam is with Emma. He wanted their relationship to be about just them and not about his profession or anything that would take away from who he was--especially what the world thought of him. Both authors did a great job at really having the reader feel the chemistry between the two and that really brought the book to life. Emma's reactions to Liam's alpha personality was very amusing and kept you smiling...even Emma's parents reactions to his personality were hilarious. 

This book is extremely fast paced due to it being a novella but had the potential of being a full-length novel. It's not something that seems like it was put together quickly. You could see the effort that went into writing the novel because even the writing flows flawlessly. You can't tell what author wrote any individual part. Only His is thrilling, gritty, and blood-pounding. If you enjoy any of the work of the two authors I would highly recommend picking this book. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!!

*An ARC of this book was exchanged by the authors for an honest review.

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