Jul 20, 2015

My Favorite YouTubers (BookTubers and Not)

For those of you who don't know, I started this blog as a way to share my love of reading without having to make videos. I still hope to make YouTube videos one day but until then I have my wonderful blog and all of you wonderful readers!!

The reason I decided to write this post is because I watch so many YouTubers and I wanted to share their wonderful selves with you guys. I watch both BookTubers and regular sit-down YouTubers.

Since you guys love to read I will start off with BookTubers. There are two main bookish folk that I watch, Heather aka Bookables and Jesse the Reader.


Heather just has the most amazing personality, she's funny, sweet, and a caring person. You can just tell through her videos. She also has her own blog where she shares more about her life and discusses more topics about books.

Connect with Bookables

Jesse the Reader

Jesse is a pretty popular BookTuber and I'm betting a lot of you know him already. He has been nominated for a Book Shimmy Award over at Epic Reads, and he is absolutely hilarious. 

Connect with Jesse

Now on to the other more typical sit-down YouTubers.

To the first person I subscribed to...


Lilly Singh is someone who just inspires you to be kind to everyone. She's a role model and she's punjabi just like me! :D

Connect with Lilly

The guy who got me totally hooked and is my favorite :D...


I found out about Joe through Buzzfeed and he is the reason I don't post as much anymore :/ Too busy watching his videos...sorry.

Connect with Joe

The guy who always cheers me up...


Tyler has this humor that will make anyone laugh. He is the queen of YouTube!

Connect with Tyler 

My favorite couple ever!!

Alfie Deyes

Connect with Alfie


I also love her makeup tutorials and her style. If only I could pull it off :/

Connect with Zoe


My favorite comedian and pizza lover...

Caspar Lee

He has collabed with people like Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart, and Maisie Williams :D

Connect with Caspar

My favorite vlogger and prankster...

Roman Atwood

As much as I love his pranks, the only reason I started to watch his vlogs is because of his son, Kane Atwood. That guy is such a cutie!!

The prank above his one of his more simpler one but it is my favorite. 

Connect with Roman

My favorite family vlogs...


They just had a little baby boy named Calvin less than 2 months ago! Congrats to them :D

Connect with Ellie and Jared
           Ellie   Jared 

There are so many other YouTubers that I absolutely adore but these are the YouTubers that I watch religiously. People like Tanya Burr, Troye Sivan, Hoodie Allen etc. are all amazing as well. I would have added them but this video took over a month to write with all the links and such but if you guys want a part two in the future let me know!!

Go and watch everyone above! Subscribe if you enjoy their videos :D

What are some YouTubers that you enjoy? 

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