Jul 24, 2015

July Update: What's Coming

Hey guys! I just wanted to give a slight update on what's going to be happening for the rest of the summer. Just so you know, this mainly applies to me, Harleen, but some it also goes for Harman as well. So, here we go!

So, for the rest of July the blog will mostly remain the same, but you may not be seeing as many reviews from me. Mostly, that's because I'm trying to finish my summer reading for AP Lang which consists of 6 books. So far I've only finished 1 so.... working on that. But, at least I'm not my sister who has 7 books to read.... and hasn't finished any of them... But, also I have other summer assignments that I would like to finish so that I won't be stressed at the end of the summer and it will be my best work. 

August! There will be a lot more posts... Hopefully! But, we're going to be reading a lot more... Hopefully! This is because there are a lot of major Read-a-thons in August, and we are going to be participating in the Bout of Books Read-A-Thon. I'm really excited, and hopefully I'll get a lot of reading done! 

Oh and just so you guys know, this year Bout of Books is going to be held from August 17th to the 23rd... I'm 99% sure at least...  

So, yeah. That's July and August. After that school starts. And I would just like to emphasize that I am going into my junior year... I know STRESS! And Harman is going to her senior year... EVEN MORE STRESS! For the first half of the year at least... 

So, obviously there will be a decrease in posts, but we will definitely try to post as much as possible. I hope you guys understand! 

But, other than that, I'm done! YAY! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer! 

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