Dec 14, 2014

Discussion: Why I Won't Read Girl Online Right Now

Girl Online came out on November 25th and I was so excited to read it! I don't know how many of you know, but I am in love with YouTubers. Joe Sugg, Zoe's brother, is the reason I became an addict. I am a very big fan of Zoe's and Im a die hard Zalfie fan :D

Girl Online was Zoe's first book, her debut, and it broke the record for the most amount of books sold from a debut author, obviously because of her 6 million+ subscribers. 

The reason I am not going to be reading Girl Online anytime soon is because of all the drama associated with Zoe's book. 

Tons of people are miffed at Zoe for ghostwriting her book and frankly I don't know why they are all so upset. Tons, and I mean TONS, of celebrities ghostwrite their books. For heavens sake, JAMES PATTERSON ghostwrites his book. For all of the fans of First Love by James Patterson, sorry to say but it was ghostwritten. I don't have a problem with people ghostwriting, I'm less inclined to read the book if it is, but if the story sounds fabulous I'm going to read it.

I don't want all the commotion surrounding the book to influence how I feel about the book while I'm reading it, that's unfair to Zoe and her ghostwriter. I want to decide how I feel about the book, BASED on the book, not what others are saying it. 

The second reason is because I am miffed at Zoe for ghostwriting the book, not because she decided to do that, but the fact that no credit was given to her ghostwriter. If you take a look at most books that are ghostwritten, the author bio at the back of the book will most likely give credit to the ghostwriter--Zoe didn't do that. She took full credit for writing it when in reality all she did was outline the book, which is definitely not the hard part.

In no way does this mean I'm boycotting Zoe's book. I am a huge fan of hers and I do look forward to when she decides to continue vlogmas and posting on Youtube. I will eventually read the book, it just depends on when the mood hits and if the controversy has died done.

 How do you all feel on the topic? Have you or will you be reading Girl Online?

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