Feb 16, 2014

Birthday Bash Day 1: Angie Stanton

Hey everybody! Welcome to Day 1 of my bookish birthday bash! If you don't know I turn 16 on February 20th and it's a big day for me. I am officially an adult in the eyes of the law, so if I do something wrong I get to hit the big leagues of court. (Fun, I know). Each day of this week I will be having a new author visit with an interview or guest post.

I'd like to give a very warm welcome to Angie Stanton!
Angie Stanton
Angie is the author of many books, traditionally published and self-published! Some of her books include Rock and a Hard Place, Snowed Over, and Royally Lost (May 2014).

LB: Tell us a little about you and your books!

AS: I grew up living out in the country surrounded by farm fields. I was 7 miles from town and 1 mile from my nearest friend, so I did a lot of daydreaming. I never planned on writing, and honestly, I wasn’t that interested in English, but I was an avid reader. As an adult, the daydreaming never went away and I eventually decided to try to write the story in my head into a novel. That book is Love ‘em or Leave ‘em.
The next books I wrote were Young Adult books. Rock and a Hard Place and Snapshot are in stores now. They are coming of age, roller coaster tales of falling love while dealing with the problems and drama of the adults around them. Readers tell me they laugh, cry, and can’t put the book down. One reader emailed to say that she’d read one of my books 23 times!

LB: How do you feel going from being self-published to traditional publishing?

AS: My first book was actually traditionally published, but by a smaller house that sold primarily to libraries and schools. However, my next four books were all self published. I self-published Rock and a Hard Place because no agents or editors would look at it. After the amount of rejection I received, I figured the book would never see the light of day unless I self-published, and I am so glad I did! That book took off and readers went crazy over it.
Three books later, both an agent and editor came knocking, and I said yes. I am proud to say that two of those self-published books are now published by HarperTeen with two more books on the way. The next book release will be Royally Lost this May.
What I love most about being traditionally published is that my books are finding a whole new audience. Young Adult books are showing up in libraries and schools all over the country. I absolutely love that!

LB: What is your favorite thing about writing? Something you hate?

AS: My favorite thing about writing is the freedom. No more getting dressed up for work and having to do the 9 to 5 thing. I try to write every day, Monday through Friday, but it isn't at a set time.
Something I hate about writing is that it isn't just the writing. More than half my time is spent on the business side of things. There’s the whole social media and promotion thing, but also all the book work, contracts, and business emails.

LB: If you could have any wish granted when it comes to your writing what would it be?

AS: For everyone to discover my books and love them.

LB: Who is your favorite male character from a book that is not yours?

AS:Nothing jumps to my mind. Now if you said character in a movie, I’d say Noah, played by Ryan Gosling, in the Notebook. And that’s all I’ll say about that. 

Now on to some quick questions!

LB: Favorite thing to do when you’re not writing?

AS: During winter, like now, I love to curl up in front of the fire and watch a great movie. In the summer, I love to hang with friends at outdoor restaurants.

LB: Love or Lust?

AS: It’s definitely about the love for me.

LB: Favorite book?

AS: That’s a tough one, there are so many I love, but The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is awesome!

LB: Favorite singer/band?

AS: At this exact moment, I’d say Fun. The lead singer is amazing.

LB: Favorite TV Show/Movie?

AS: This is so embarrassing to admit, but it’s the truth. I love Dancing with the Stars and I’ll tell you why. They take some “star” who is totally out of their element, usually he or she is super good looking and fun, and pair them with an even better looking pro dancer. Throughout the show we get to watch their struggles as they slowly learn the art of dance and bond with their partners. Some of it is playful, and some of the dances are so dang hot! All that intensity is so much fun to watch and some times the pairs fall for each other. It’s a little bit like a romance novel.

And, not that you asked, but I adore Irish dance pro Tristan McManus. He has an awesome accent, really good looking, incredibly funny and kind, and his dancing is out of this world.

Books by Angie Stanton:

Dream Chaser    Rock and a Hard Place    Snapshot: A Jamieson Brothers Novel    Snowed Over    Love 'em or Leave 'em    Royally Lost
*Click on the cover to get to the Amazon purchase page for each book!

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