Jun 14, 2013

Review: The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr

The Lucy VariationsAuthor: Sara Zarr
Publisher: Little Brow, BFYR
Number of Pages: 320

So this book wasn't initially what I thought it would be about. I thought that Lucy would fall in love with her little brother's new piano teacher and there would be some problem and eventually they would live happily ever after. BOY was I wrong! This book is different, yet I still loved it so very much. The ending kind of disappointed me but I thoroughly LOVED this book and highly recommend it.

Here's the synopsis:
"Lucy Beck-Moreau once had a promising future as a concert pianist. The right people knew her name, her performances were booked months in advance, and her future seemed certain.
That was all before she turned fourteen.
Now, at sixteen, it's over. A death, and a betrayal, led her to walk away. That leaves her talented ten-year-old brother, Gus, to shoulder the full weight of the Beck-Moreau family expectations. Then Gus gets a new piano teacher who is young, kind, and interested in helping Lucy rekindle her love of piano -- on her own terms. But when you're used to performing for sold-out audiences and world-famous critics, can you ever learn to play just for yourself?
National Book Award finalist Sara Zarr takes readers inside the exclusive world of privileged San Francisco families, top junior music competitions, and intense mentorships. The Lucy Variations is a story of one girl's struggle to reclaim her love of music and herself. It's about finding joy again, even when things don't go according to plan. Because life isn't a performance, and everyone deserves the chance to make a few mistakes along the way."

Originally I thought that this book was just going to be about a girl falling in love with her brother's piano teacher but then again Sara Zarr is writing this. I'm not saying this to be mean or anything, it's just that Sara Zarr doesn't write many of those types of books. 

This is actually the first book by Sara Zarr that I have and finished. I started Sweethearts and never finished it. Her books have never been my type of book. This book was different I really enjoyed it even though it wasn't what I thought it would be about.

Lucy, the main character, wasn't my favorite but she was definitely an interesting character. Her story was one that I would definitely agree with. Her reason for leaving piano was a really good reason. Nothing like that should come before family, especially if you don't have a lot of time with them.

Will, I really liked him at the beginning. I found him to be a total tool by the end of the book. Who does that to someone who they are supposed to be helping. He totally broke his trust with Lucy. That kind of disappointed me, but I guess I should have seen it coming.

Lucy's brother, Gus, is so adorable! He kind of reminded me of my brother. They both are stubborn, talented, and just plain cute! I don't really have much to say besides I was really disappointed with him on how he reacted when he found out about Lucy and Will being friends.

This book overall was enjoyable to read, though the characters and I did not really get along. I think I may have to try more books by Sara Zarr.

4 out of 5 star review!!

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