Mar 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (#1)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

So I'm thinking since this is my first Top Ten  Tuesday I'll do my top ten Fictional Crushes. We all have them...if we're girls. Do guys have Fictional Crushes???? Guys????

10. Four from Divergent- How do you not like him? He's so cute, caring and the type that loves unconditionally.

9. Maxon from The Selection- He's the perfect guy. He's a prince but he's not stuck up. He cares about the people around him. He's nice to them too whether he likes them or not.

8. Adrian from Bloodlines/The Vampire Academy- He is amazing. He's a bit broken and somewhat of an ass but he cares about people. Sure he shows it in weird ways but he doesn't ever try to hurt anyone.

7. Alex from The Fall of Angels- He's so kind an- caring. He's an amazing cook and he loves unconditionally. He's handsome and he is always willing to help out a person. He's bascially the modern night in shining armour.

6. R from Warm Bodies- He's a zombie and I've got a thing for anything paranormal. He's got a different track of mind. He isn't a cliche.

5. Vincent from the Revenants- He's kind, he's funny, he will die for the people he loves and not be resentful of it. He's a zombie so there's the paranormal thing. He's cute and he's french.

4. Tucker from Unearthly- He's a cowboy and he's caring. He's just a normal guy who has normal guy reactions. He doesn't judge people and he has the whole jealous thing going one which, frankly is really cute.

3. Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster- He's a fighter. Don't we all of a thing for guys who can fight? He really really cares for the people he loves. He funny, flirty, the whole package.

2. Daemon from Obsidian- He acts like a totally ass but that is to protect himself. He's a total hottie and the only thing he wants is to be with the girl he loves and to keep his family safe. He's a family guy.

1. Jace from The Mortal Instruments- He's kind of the Daemon of The Mortal Instruments. He's just trying to figure out who he is and how he fits into the world. Nothing more...He will do whatever to make sure his family is safe and is happy, even if that means giving up his own happiness.

So I hope you guys liked my first Top Ten Tuesday. Tell me some of your fictional crushes!

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  1. Adrian, R, and Tucker = yesssss

    I love your list! I'm a notorious book-boy-crusher. Who needs real guys when some authors can just write them so much better?

    I actually just recently did my first TTT! I loved it, it'll definitely be a regular weekly feature on my blog!

    I'm a new follower, love your blog. I would love it if you could check mine out and follow if you like what you see.

    -Kelly @ Paper Fantasies