Oct 1, 2013


Hello authors! If you have a book you are trying to promote then listen up! I am currently taking submissions for October spotlights.

If your book has a Halloween type theme (anything supernatural, horror, paranormal) then this is your chance. 

I will be spotlighting you and your book and you can even giveaway a paperback or e-book copy of your book to get the word out even more! 

I will be writing a post on my blog (duh!) as well as promoting it on Facebook, Twitter etc.

If you are interested then email me at <hakaurvamp@gmail.com> for more information. I have 10 spots and 2 of them are already taken so please email me ASAP.

For any other authors who are interested I will be doing this on a monthly basis and will be taking more submissions next month so don't fret!

Keeping Reading,
Harman (aka Little Bookworm)

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